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So many of our motor museums in Britain are helping to preserve this country's rich automotive history.

This website attempts to offer a summary of our British Motor Museums with websites where you can explore them in greater detail. As well as mainland Britain, the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man details are included.

During the past one hundred years, Britain has played a leading role in the development of the motor vehicle and commercial transport industry. It is an integral, vital and fascinating component of twentieth century culture and we are extremely fortunate that so many of the vehicles which have contributed to our industry's progress have been preserved for the interest and enjoyment of future generations.

Nowadays the internet offers an invaluable guide to all those who are interested in looking at the history of a machine and an industry which has influenced the lives of many of us.

Many marques that have passed into history are shown in various museums. Brands such as Jowett; Armstrong-Siddeley; Wolseley; Riley; Humber and Hillman, Triumph, Singer... it's a long list so that's just a snapshot of some of them.

It is fitting that so many brilliant designers are remembered by their vehicles, such as Sir Alec Issigonis, of Morris Minor and Mini fame; Giovanni Michelotti, designer of the Triumph Herald and Spitfire; Sir William Lyons, of Jaguar; W.O. Bentley; Donald Healey and Roy Axe to name but a few.

If you plan to visit a museum/collection that is a distance away, it is often wise to check by phone/email the opening times, especially with smaller museums. Again, if you want to see a specific vehicle, worth checking it is still on display.

I am always interested to learn of new museums that have opened or any which may have been missed off this list or indeed that may have closed. Your comments about visits to museums are of interest as well.

David Burke (Co-author Burke & Price Guide to British Motor Museums published by Veloce)

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